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Start a skincare routine – steps

The majority of women in the UK wear make-up so it is essential to maintain a regular skincare routine. Start by cleansing and toning the face and neck every morning and evening. Soap and water are used by many of us when we are young and then as we get older we just carry on doing this.

However, if you notice that your skin is feeling very dry or tight then this could be down to the soap; it is better to use a cleansing cream or a gentle face wash. You may have to pay more for these products but they do offer value for money because they last quite a long time. Toner will close your pores so you should use this after cleansing. The toner you buy should not have any alcohol in it and it should be suitable for your skin type.

To protect your skin from the elements, you should use a good day cream after you have cleansed and toned. And it is also a good base for applying your makeup.

What should I pay attention to while buying makeup?

There are many different brands of make-up from the cheap and cheerful at one end of the market to the really expensive designer brands. One thing you should do when buying makeup, no matter how much you are spending on it, is to ensure that it is as free from chemicals as possible.

The really good makeup products are the mineral-based ones even though they are expensive. You only have to use a tiny amount and it stays in place for the day.

When using makeup, you should apply a good mineral foundation followed by other mineral makeup products as this will ensure you have complete protection as well as a flawless cover. Even on days with windy weather the sun can damage the skin so it’s worth using the appropriate foundation.

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