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Reasons for acne

Acne, probably the most widespread skin disorder, not only affects the youngsters but also affects the people belonging to the older age group. Though there are several reasons and remedies for this skin trouble, however, this problem recurs again and again. A few of the main causes of acne are genetic, hormonal imbalance, improper and unbalanced foodstuff, lack of hygiene etc. And the common remedies are face packs, better lifestyle, avoiding certain food items, medications and many more. But the fact is that most of these remedies seem to work for some time, and then again the cycle of annoying acne come back to haunt your life. So what is the long term solution to eliminate acne?

Solution for acne

But today, due to the advancement of treatment methods, blue light treatment for acne is believed to be the most effective and best option to treat acne. In this process, your body parts that are affected by acne, are exposed to blue light having higher intensity. The harmful bacteria clog your skin pores which result in inflammation and soreness and eventually results in acne. The blue light treatment gets rid of the harmful bacteria beneath the skin layer, and therefore offers you help from this frustrating and agonizing skin problem. Since this treatment process doesn’t contain any UV rays, it has no side-effects. However, experts suggest covering your eyes while you treat your acne with this procedure.

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