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I wonder how many people started their new diet today? And how many of those people started The Dukan Diet? Well, a lot more than last year that’s for sure! Of course, January 1st 2011 was a Saturday, but with hangovers to nurse, the shops closing early, and loads of food still left in the house, I wonder how many people thought “Saturday’s a weird day to begin a diet – I’ll go on the Dukan diet first thing Monday!”

Starting any diet can be a time of mixed feelings. On the one hand, we are hopeful that the diet will work and that at some point (in the not too far off future) we will be the size we’d like to be. But on the other hand, we’re worried that the diet won’t work, or that we won’t be able to stick it out. The Dukan diet is a diet of motivation. it has been designed to help you stick to it and to lose weight fast.

Dukan diet phases.

First of all, The Dukan diet is four diets rather that one. For each stage of the weight loss process, there is a stage of the Dukan diet that is suited for your specific weight loss needs.

The Attack Phase

This stage lasts 2-7 days depending on your weight loss needs and you will see two things happen. Firstly, you will lose noticeable amounts of weight and secondly, you will notice your appetite for fatty and sugary foods disappearing. The most vulnerable time for giving up a diet is right at the beginning when you have relatively little to lose. Because you have lost weight in the first week you do feel like you will throw away what you’ve already achieved if you give up now and start again next week.

The Cruise phase

This is the main weight-loss stage of the Dukan diet. You will be on this stage until you reach your ideal weight. During the cruise phase, you have a wider menu option, will still be losing noticeable weight and hunger pangs and food cravings will be minimal.

The Consolidation phase

The worst thing about a diet is not usually losing the weight but trying to keep it off once you’ve reached your weight loss goal. This phase is designed to make sure you don’t quickly put back on all the weight you’ve lost. You can eat 2 meals a week of whatever you like to celebrate your weight loss achievement.

The Stabilization phase

This final stage is all about returning to a regular eating habit but without putting weight back on. You can eat want to you like as long as you follow 3 simple rules.

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