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What actually is oat bran? It is the hard outer husk of an oat grain that protects the grain before it sprouts. It is very rich in dietary fibre as well as nutrition and minerals. However, oat bran is usually removed when the oat is being processed. Sometimes, however, the bran is maintained through the process and what we get is the whole grain oat.

Oat bran is usually packed and sold in the market separately. It is a good source of dietary fibre to those who do not eat vegetables and fruits, for example, those who are on certain high protein diets. Several studies have found out that consuming oat bran regularly will help to reduce the cholesterol levels as well as preventing certain cancers.

In Dukan diet, oat bran is an important food as it is the main source of dietary fibre to dieters who are on a high protein diet, especially during the initial attack phase where no vegetables are allowed. However, dieters can just have a certain amount of this food depend on the phase they are in. The daily allowance for oat bran during the attack phase is 1 ½ tablespoon, while for cruise and consolidation phases are 2 tablespoons each. During the last maintenance or stabilization phase, 3 tablespoons are allowed daily.

Oat bran can be served in various ways. Among the popular use of oat bran is in baking oat bran bread, oat bran cookies and oat bran muffins, which can be considered as low carbohydrate high fibre bakeries. It can also be served on its own as oat bran porridge or mixed with eggs to make oat bran pancakes. Besides that, it can also be mixed with minced meat, fish, chicken and tofu to make nuggets or patties.

In the Dukan diet, oat bran can be served in any mealtime. For example, oat bran bread and oat bran pancake can be taken either as breakfast or as a snack during tea time. To make this food more interesting and delicious, dieters can always have it together with other foods. For example, oat bran porridge can be eaten together with low-fat yoghurt instead of eating it plain. If preferred, it can be cooked in a savoury way by adding in meat, chicken or seafood pieces. For oat bran muffins, try to add in chocolate or some mashed pumpkin and carrot (for Protein-Vegetable Phase) to make them tastier.

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