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The cruise phase of the Dukan Diet can last for many weeks and months so it is important that you plan your recipes in advance. The cruise phase is the second phase of the Dukan Diet plan and involves eating a diet of proteins and vegetables with the addition of a small number of non-fat dairy products. Having such a restrictive diet can make it difficult to plan recipes in advance so below we give you some ideas to make your meals interesting and tasty.

Dukan Diet Cruise Phase Recipes: Lunch

Lunch can be the most difficult meal of the day when you are on a diet. The best way to tackle lunch during the cruise phase is to make it in advance and take it into work. Soup is ideal for lunch. There are plenty of soup recipes you can try, for example:

  • Prawn soup with coriander.
  • Tangy tomato soup.
  • Vegetable soup but remember you not to add potatoes.
  • Greek lemon soup.
  • Gazpacho.

For days when you eat nothing but pure proteins, try a chicken breast with a yoghurt dressing, or slices of meat filled with cottage cheese or make a frittata, which is a kind of omelette that can be eaten hot or cold. You can stuff your frittata with any of the protein meats or cooked fish as desired.  

On the days when you can eat vegetables, a simple salad is a great idea. You can add any of the proteins to the salad to bulk it out and make a simple dressing. With a little imagination and a browse through the Dukan Diet Recipe book, you can come up with lunch ideas that will see you right through the cruise phase and onto the consolidation phase.

Dukan Diet Cruise Phase Recipes: Dinner

There are lots of ideas you can try for your evening meal when you are on the cruise phase of the diet. By combining vegetables, proteins, herbs and spices you can make meals so tasty you will forget you are on a diet.

Why not try:

  • Thinly sliced beef with raspberry vinegar and courgettes.
  • Cauliflower Shepherd’s Pie.
  • Stuffed baked tomatoes.
  • Stir fried garlic prawns and mushrooms.
  • Roast cod with courgettes and tomatoes.

Dukan Diet Cruise Phase Recipes: Desserts

For those who have a sweet tooth, going on a diet can be difficult. However, during the cruise phase of the Dukan Diet, there are many desserts you can eat chocolate slim. For example:

  • Chocolate cream.
  • Flourless chocolate cake.
  • Low-fat ice cream.
  • Dukan Nutella.
  • Orange mousseline cake.

Don’t forget that you are also allowed to eat non-fat yoghurts and the oat bran gallette. These can be eaten as accompaniments to lunch or dinner menus, as snacks or even as breakfast.

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