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The Dukan diet is based around a system of phases where foods from different food groups are eaten during each phase.

Phases of the Dukan Diet

The Attack Phase of the Dukan Diet is the first phases of the diet designed to get you losing weight right away and lasts for a week. During the Attack phase of the first week, you can expect to lose around 6.5 pounds. All you need to do in the Attack phases is only eat from a selection of different protein-rich foods but you can eat as much as you like. After the attack phase of the Dukan Diet, you move on to the Cruise phase…

The Cruise Phase is the second phase of the Dukan Diet. During this phase, you can eat vegetables in addition to the protein-rich foods of the Attack phase. Typically you will lose around 2 pounds a week in weight during the cruise phase. There are also some extra foods that you can add to your diet at this stage, but if any weight is gained after you eat these then they will need to be removed from the diet.

The Consolidation phase of the Dukan Diet is where more foods are added back to the diet, such as cheese, fruit, bread and other starchy foods. The best part about the consolidation phase is that you can have 2 (yes, 2!) reward meals.

The stabilisation phase is the final stage of the Dukan Diet. You can eat whatever you like in this stage providing you stick to a few rules chocolate slim. You are encouraged to eat plenty of oat bran and also one day a week where you only eat protein. As long as you can stick to these stabilisation rules, the weight should stay off and you shouldn’t regain any of the weight that you already lost.

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