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Due to the rapid rise in the popularity of the Dukan diet plan, certain people wonder about Dukan diet facts and have become suspicious about the plan and its procedure. People who dislike the plan because of their own selfish needs also create this suspicion. Dukan diet plan is safe and very popular. The popularity of the plan can be known from the fact that this diet plan has been followed by over 5 million people in France alone and the number will be much larger if other places are counted as well.

Dukan diet plans have been the number one choice for overweight people because of the instant results and very fewer side effects. Other diet plans have also managed to reduce weight but the side effects caused by these plans are far more harmful than those caused by the Dukan diet program.

Facts about the Dukan Diet

Dukan diet plan is also criticized for the lack of any nutritious diet in their entire program. This is not true as the diet plans include the intake of multivitamins and other nutritious food albeit in a phase-wise manner. The first phase is very tough and restrictive but the introduction of other calories is done in subsequent phases.

Dukan diet is quite liberal as compared to other diet plans as this plan allows the dieter to intake vinegar, sweeteners, spices and lots of other minerals and vitamins useful for the body. Although lean protein diet is the centre point of the plan yet it is not the only food which the dieter can consume.

Side effects of the Dukan Diet

Just like any other dieting plans this plan to has certain side effects. Dieters following the Dukan plan have often complained of constipation and bad breath. They are also certain reported cases of gallstone, muscles loss and kidney problems. The main reason for such things to occur was due to the lack of information the dieter has about the program. This side effects can also occur due to the irregular following of the instructions. The dieter must be completely aware of the plan to avoid such side effects on the body greitas svorio metimas.

The popularity of the Dukan diet alone solves all the queries raised by the critics. If the plan had any serious problems than people would have not recommended it to others. The popularity of the plan is not because of any commercial advertisement but because of the mouth to mouth publicity which has been done by its satisfied users. People interested in the plan can also check out online reviews and feedback to get first-hand information.

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