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There are plenty of commercials and ads out there for products promising to give you a lush, sexy head of hair that will make others envious. But the simple fact is that the vast majority of those shampoos and conditioners are only a short term solution that may damage your hair in the long run. While it’s not getting a lot of television time, studies are uncovering the surprising fact that using coconut oil for hair health is a much better option that will give you some very real rewards. Most products are just conditioners and that is it. You need treatment, like coconut oil, which gives a deeper level of natural treatment. Simply put, it is well worth considering if you want your hair to look its best.

Hair curing with coconut oil

One of the big ways that coconut oil helps your hair is by stopping hair damage from occurring. Protein loss is one of the biggest issues in hair, and shampoos can strip away some of the proteins. But the triglycerides in the coconut oil help to protect against that protein loss and guard against the damage. And since the numerous fatty acids, Vitamin E, and proteins that are present in the oil are soaked up by the hair, the overall health of the hair is improved dramatically. It helps the overall appearance and health of your hair tremendously.

Hydrate your hair

Another component that we all missed is hair hydration. We dry our hair by blow-drying, weather, smog and sun. We do this every day and these dry out your hair. Then we wash our hair, rinsing any natural oils that are left in our hair out. This dries out the hair further. This leads to brittle hair and even broken follicles reduce growth and shine. Coconut oil will boost the hydration of the hair follicle and leave it moist and soft for a longer period. This hydration process will leave the hair looking and feeling healthy.

Along with boosting the health of your hair, coconut oil also helps at the source of it. Your scalp has an impact on your hair’s appearance and health, and by using coconut oil you’ll experience benefits to your scalp as well. By stimulating the circulation at your scalp, the oil can help stimulate hair growth and guard against hair loss. The moisturizing qualities of it also help to combat dandruff and dry scalp, and overall it will help improve the root health of each follicle. In other words, it works on numerous levels at improving your hair’s overall appearance and strength.

How to use coconut oil for hair?

There are a couple of ways to use coconut oil for your hair. The most common is to massage it into the scalp and hair around twice a week, let it sit for some time, and then rinse. This is the general way to improve your overall hair and scalp health. Another option is to use it before washing your hair. Before you shampoo, massage a product like La Coco Balm into your hair and then wash. This will help to prevent the protein loss that most of today’s shampoos will cause. This will help to prevent the protein loss that most of today’s shampoos will cause

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