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If you’re struggling to get your kids to eat fruits and vegetables, this article is for you. Here you have 10 tips to get your kids to eat more greens.

  1. Be a trendsetter. Make fruit everyday food in your household. Kids will mirror your eating patterns.
  2. Squeeze, freeze and please. Try stewing, juicing or grating fruits. Try chopping up and serving with complementary foods such as cheeses. Keep fruit such as apples, pears and tropical fruits chilled and freeze juicy fruit pieces such as oranges, nashi and grapes for a cold treat.
  3. Save sweets. Save confectionary and high-sugar, high-fat snack foods for treats or party foods rather than using them as everyday foods.
  4. Stick with the in-crowd. Try to buy fruits which are in season and therefore inexpensive. Buying fruit in season ensures you get better tasting, good value fruit. Good quality fruit has a better chance of being eaten and not being left in the lunchbox.
  5. Bowl over. Keep the fruit bowl stocked up with a variety of interesting fruits.
  6. Test their tastes. Try to discover what fruits your kids like and try introducing new types and new varieties. Some kids prefer the taste of Granny Smith apples, while others are Fuji or Red Delicious fanatics.
  7. Reward and applaud. Encourage your kids to eat good, healthy foods. Get involved in their school curriculums nutrition programs and encourage them to learn as much as they can about the benefits of good eating. Let kids choose fruits in the supermarket.
  8. Just desserts. For desserts, try creative low sugar, low-fat fruit-based desserts such as baked apples, apple and pear crumble and fresh fruit salad instead of high-sugar, high-fat dishes.
  9. Kids in the kitchen. Introduce your kids to new and interesting ways to eat fruit, like fruit smoothies, fruit pancakes and fruit muffins.
  10. Keep them active. Encourage kids to be active and participate in sports. Active kids eat more fruit than less active kids.

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